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Everyday immune support
for the whole family
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What is Elderberry?

Whether it’s the winter months, back to school or times of seasonal change Sambucol® is here to help. Uniquely formulated from highly concentrated Black Elderberry Sambucol® helps to reduce the severity and duration of common colds and flu and help you feel better faster.

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Discover the Sambucol difference

Flu Medicine UAE
Boost your immunity

When taken daily, the powerful antioxidants found in Sambucol Anti-Viral Flu Care can help you strengthen your body’s immune system.

Natural Probiotics
Safe and natural

Sambucol is the original black elderberry extract developed by scientists and backed by 20 years of extensive research. There's a Sambucol formula for every member of your family aged two and up.

Fast Recovery Vitamin
Recover twice as fast

Unlike over-the-counter medications that mask symptoms, Sambucol helps reduce your cold and flu symptoms and the duration of illness.

Sambucol Products

Sambucol Baby Immune Support Supplement Drops

Sambucol Baby Drops - Black Elderberry

- 20ml

immunity supplements for toddlers

Sambucol For Kids Liquid - Black Elderberry

- 120ml

Sambucol Immunity Booster Vitamin C Zinc Tablets

Sambucol Effervescent - Black Elderberry

- 15 Tablets

kids chewable vitamins immunity booster

Sambucol For Kids Teddies - Black Elderberry - 60 Chewable Teddies

Flu Cold Syrub Sambucol Black Elderberry UAE

Sambucol Extra Defense Liquid - Black Elderberry - 120ml

easy to swallow vitamin c Zinc immune support

Sambucol Immuno Forte Capsules - Black Elderberry - 30 Capsules

Gummies for Kids Immunity booster

Sambucol For Kids Gummies - Black Elderberry - 30 Gummies

great tasting naturals Immune Support Sambucol black elderberry

Sambucol Immuno Forte Gummies - Black Elderberry - 30 Gummies


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